Election Day

Election Integrity 

Election integrity encourages voter confidence and participation. Election laws must be clear, and they must be followed by local and state election officials. I strongly support our current Voter ID law for both in-person and absentee voting. The Wisconsin Elections Commission should be required to issue election guidance that is based in law. We should also strengthen protections for election observers and ban private money from funding election operations. 


Each child is both a present reflection and a future promise of families and communities. Investments in our children are a commitment to the hope that these children will reflect our values and take them further. Reopening schools for in-person education is essential because learning is more than knowledge of content; it is a relationship between the teacher and student, family and community. Empowering parents with the ability to choose the school their children attend strengthens these relationships, enhances learning, and fulfills that future hope.

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All human beings are created with dignity and value. I support policies that protect human life from conception through natural death. Abortion, infanticide and euthanasia violate the sanctity of life.

Second Amendment

You have the right to protect yourself, and you have a right to protect your family. Personal safety is both a government responsibility and a personal responsibility. Law-abiding citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment rights are a powerful deterrent to would-be criminals. I support Wisconsin’s concealed carry law. Gun violence in our state is the fault of criminals, not gun owners. Enforcement of current law is far more important than pursuing some new law that will do nothing to stop lawbreakers. 

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Food and water are the foundation for any community. Reasonable conservation efforts, such as the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality, to detoxify both water and soil must continue. Farmers and communities across the state are united in their commitment to address these issues so that the health of families is not jeopardized.

Criminal Justice

The concept of justice is woven into the fabric of our nation and society. The Bill of Rights addresses the issue of justice multiple times. I am committed to upholding and promoting policies that provide justice for both the victim and the accused. Strong communities recognize the dignity of each citizen even while pursuing justice and keeping the peace.

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The Covid-19 lockdown highlighted a well-known problem for rural residents: broadband access in rural WI is not adequate for students, families, and businesses. The solution to this problem lies in private sector innovation. State efforts should align incentives with meaningful requirements that result in a foundation for future access, not temporary fixes that fail to meet evolving technology capabilities.